Sakae Rhythm, Japan.

My search for a birch kit finally led me to Sakae Rhythm. Sakae were partners with Yamaha in Japan for over 40 years. They were the makers of the famous Recording Custom series for Yamaha – in fact, all of their high end drums. I was looking for a drum kit with birch toms and a maple bass drum. Yamaha and Sakae had recently parted ways. So Yamaha weren’t making any birch drum kits. I read some reviews of Sakae drums and decided to take a chance. It turned out to be a great choice.

The kit I chose was Sakae’s modern kit – the Almighty Series. There wasn’t a huge range of finishes available; and I had custom ordered a kit with both maple and birch drums, so a wood stain could be problematic. In the end, I chose Gold Sparkle, as a nod to my love of vintage drums.

22″ Almighty Maple bass drum
12″ Almighty Birch tom
Sakae Almighty

The wait was considerable – almost 10 months. So I was quite excited when I got the call telling me that but the kit had arrived. What I saw when I got to the store was something quite unique. The finish and workmanship of these drums is outstanding. They are very much hand made drums.

The first time I played them I was blown away. The consistency and sustain of the toms right across the kit; the quality of the hardware, right down to the the tension rods, the way they tuned up so easily – really a very beautiful instrument. Almost immediately I ordered a 10″ tom; and began looking for snare drums. I found a matching maple shell snare in the USA. When it arrived from Dicenso’s drums, I found a note in the box. It read: “All the boys on the floor said they’re going to miss this snare drum Paul! Enjoy!” I know what they mean. It’s become my favourite wood shell snare drum.

Sakae 1455MA Maple shell snare drum.

I followed this up with a special order for a matching 10″ tom; and a nickel over brass snare. Both excellent.

Almighty Birch 10″ tom
Sakae 1455BR

These drums have become a permanent fixture in my home studio. I swap out the snares, but the way these drums record means I generally leave them there.

Sakae soundcheck video:

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