Rogers XP-8

On my search for an old school sized drum kit – 22 x 14, 16 x 16, 13 x 9 and 12 x 8 inch drums, I saw an ad for a Rogers XP-8 drum kit. These were the last USA drums Rogers made; and the shell construction – eight ply prime American maple, became a much copied drum design, all over the world. Even the Memrilock hardware was immediately copied – most notably by Pearl. This set looked to be in very good condition; and came with hardware.

They were a beautifully made set of drums. I played a gig with them the day I picked them up. I did enjoy playing them; but the problem was that I already had a maple drum kit – made from 8 ply USA maple; without re-enforcing rings; and memory-lock hardware – my Pearl GLX kit. So more maple toms was not what I wanted. It was all part of the journey though. I reluctantly sold them – very easily. The search continued.