Rogers restoration #2

A mixed bag Rogers 9/72 restoration.

One day I spotted a set of Rogers toms on eBay. They had been stripped and taken apart, but appeared to be complete. I was looking for a 12/13/16/22 kit in standard depths. I bought the toms quite cheaply and so began Rogers restoration #2. I waited to see what I would get.

When they arrived, I was relieved to see all the parts were included. They had one or two labels which placed them in the “9/72” era of Rogers – so after 1972. Made sometime in the Seventies. Yes there were big holes in the two rack toms, but I had dealt with this before.

I was then lucky enough to find a quite rare sized 22″ Rogers bass drum, which had also been stripped. It had a Holiday tag which placed it just before the toms at about 1972; and an unusual collection of mounts. At this stage I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do with the kit. But it was shaping up as a Londoner V configuration. I had to look for wrap; and Rogers hardware for the toms.

I plugged all the holes and lightly varnished the toms.. I searched online and found the missing tom arms and post with mount. Then I purchased real glass glitter wrap from Jammin’ Sams in the USA. It was a long and expensive restoration – but fun. Finally they were all finished. They turned out nicely.