Rogers restoration #1

Fullerton restoration #1

I once owned a Rogers drum kit. I purchased it in Brisbane and only sold it when I received my Pearl endorsement in Sydney. It was a somewhat regretful sale. I decided to keep a lookout for another one; eventually I was rewarded.

The kit as purchased

This kit came from Surfers Paradise, Queensland. I was attracted by the 8 & 10″ toms. I paid too much and shipping was a bomb. And they were orange, with the obligatory Pearl surgery.

8″, 10″, 12″ 16″ toms

Forget about the extra holes; think instead about those lovely thin maple and birch shells.

10″ shell pre-restoration

There was lots of work to do. I filled all the incorrectly drilled lug mounting holes with dowel. The 10″ was obviously a “Big R” and needed a lot of work. For these larger holes, I made plugs from maple. This involved slicing a piece off the maple, thinning it down with a belt sander, then using a Dremel to make the fit perfect.

Filling mount holes with dowel
Shells finished ready for wrapping.
Soundcheck time.
I chose Marine Pearl from age-appropriate Rogers finishes.
I purchased the wrap from Jammin’ Sams and used contact spray adhesive.
The finished kit. I went for suspended shells, since the kit came without hardware. I sold it to a drummer from Melbourne. Someone told me this kit was split up, which is a shame.
A video on this restoration.