A Ludwig Super Classic Restoration

This is the story of a difficult but very satisfying restoration of a very trashed Ludwig Super Classic set, in Sky Blue Pearl.

I went to a real live auction at Sydney’s Combined Auctions. Of course, I ran into Australian bass legend Harry Bruce. I also ran into these drums. Harry kindly passed on bidding on them for me. He did however snag a lovely WMP 50’s kit. I got these. Hmmmm . . . .

Ludwig Super Classic bass drum in Sky Blue Pearl. 1965.
Super classic floor tom.
Bass drum damage.

Scary, I know. I got this kick and a floor tom for $350. I had a lot of work to do. Hardware looked a bit – rusty. And somewhere under that layer of grime was a Ludwig Super Classic in Sky Blue Pearl – a very desirable finish.

Ludwig 16″ floor tom
Ludwig, restoration
Shells stripped for cleaning.
Floor tom reassembled
60’s Ludwig badge.
Floor tom interior.
12″ tom found on eBay.
White interior and baseball bat muffler.
In need of a clean.
Bass drum and floor tom.
Sky Blue Pearl fade.
Assembled as a set.
Finished restoration. Some lugs were replaced with period correct parts.
There were holes. I patched these with dowel and photos of the wrap stuck on top.
The 12″ was a good drum.
But the bass drum was the star of the show.Matched with an LM552
Matched with an LM552 bronze Supraphonic.
Iconic drumset.
Hoops were repainted.
I sold this kit, but I enjoyed the experience very much.
Restoration vido.

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